Our Mission

To provide services and equipment for children in Asian countries who are underprivileged by virtue of physical or mental disability, poverty or absence of family.

The AHAC Volunteers do more than just donate their time, skills, and money to help the children. They also give true heartfelt Love and Affection to them. All children need attention and affection. Our volunteers will tell you that the love they receive back from the kids is something they will never forget and they can keep forever!


Our Volunteers and staff encounter many heartbreaking situations in Vietnam. It is not unusual for them to “adopt” or sponsor children and adults using their own funds. Or purchase something they need desperately that will help them.

In this case, Tom Hoang, one of our staff Volunteers, “adopted” an entire family of 5 children and the father! He found that the mother had recently been killed by lightning.

In this part of the world it takes both parents to do enough just to provide food daily. Tom also provided them with a Thatch Roof Home and a small SamPan!

AHAC. People loving and helping other people. Join us today and share the joy of helping.

Our volunteers often travel to some very remote villages in Vietnam to help children and others, even if the means of travel is a hardship for them.

AHAC volunteers have no limitations as to age or profession. No matter if they are children, students, nuns, teachers, doctors, scientists, housewives, engineers, technicians, nurses, business owners, etc. All AHAC Volunteers have one goal which is to help the children.